About Us


The Kibitz Room NJ & The Essen Room MD are New York Style Delis Serving the South Jersey, Philadelphia & Baltimore Regions.

Come join us for any meal and you are sure to be back for seconds…
(After you finish your left-overs, that is!)


What Happy Customers Are Saying

"This is by far the best Jewish deli you will find in Southern jersey and most likely Northern jersey as well. Everything is made on site. HUGE portions for the price that you pay. Taste is excellent. Atmosphere is inviting. Very worth going to over and over again"
-Remsen M.

They have sandwiches so big, you will surely get your money’s worth – if you can get your mouth around them. With a great sandwich menu, the possibilities are limitless.
Do you want a tower of corn beef?
How ‘bout a pile of pastrami?
Whatever you have them fill your sandwich with, you will be sure to get your fill!
© SJ Magazine – March 7, 2003